Miso is an important seasoning in Japan. We work with miso masters who have been making miso for generations. It doesn't get more authentic. The miso is fermented extra long, in 100-year-old wooden barrels. You won't find tastier miso anywhere else. Unbeatable!

What is miso?

Miso, what is that? You’ve probably seen it as a miso soup or sometimes as an ingredient. With miso for beginners we will guide you through the world of this culinary Japanese treasure.

Miso is fermented soy paste from Japan. That’s the simplest explanation there is. But you could write a book about this Japanese specialty. It is made from raw soybeans, yet in terms of taste it does not resemble the edamame you know from sushi or other soy products.

You can read why below:

From soy paste to fermented seasoning

The most special thing about miso paste is the way it is made. Actually, the production process and finesse of miso resembles that of wine. It is a lengthy and precarious process in which the relationship with mother nature is high on the list. To paint a picture:

Divine (pristine) spring water is used from a private water well.

The miso paste ferments in 100-year-old wooden barrels. These barrels are covered with cotton cloths with on top of them a pyramid made of river stones. Sometimes this fermentation process takes up to 24 months! Which are counted in seasons. Japanese producers have been doing this in exactly the same way for 300 years. Nature plays a major role. That is how the miso gets its rich taste and tastes like in Japan.

What does miso taste like?   

The Japanese seasoning has all the flavors we humans know, including: umami. That exists alongside sweet, salty, bitter and sour. Umami is a savory taste that also has some sweet and sour in it. In addition, umami also enhances the other sweet and salty notes in a dish.

At TerraSana we have four types of miso paste in four different flavor gradations. Here you can read how the miso differ from each other and what you make best with it!

What do you make with miso?  

Miso paste can be used in soup, marinade or sauce. It’s like a flavor enhancer. With a scoop of miso paste you add a rich and refined taste to any dish or even dessert. With miso you can make classic Japanese dishes, but it is also a perfect ingredient for creative cooking. Try it yourself!

japanese miso soup with powerful miso paste - but what is miso?

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