How to use agar agar?

Not a fan of gelatin? Do you prefer to work with a vegan binder? Agar agar (powder) is a fine vegan substitute for gelatin. Check here how to use agar agar.
21 March 2023

What is agar-agar?

Agar agar is a super effective binder and gelling agent. You can compare it to gelatin, but it binds even more powerfully and is also 100% vegan. Agar agar is made from 100% red seaweed, also known as lace. We made it into powder just for you, so it’s super easy to work with.

What can you do with agar agar?

Use agar agar for making vegan cheesecake, (sugar-free) jelly, jam, pudding or fruit sauce. Or make a terrine with agar!

How do you use agar agar?

  1. Use 1-7 grams per 500 ml of liquid. For a soft consistency, use 1-1.5 grams per 500 ml. For an average 3 g, hard 5 g and very hard 7 g.
  2. Do not add the agar-agar powder until the liquid is slightly warm, otherwise there is a risk of lumps.
  3. Always heat the liquid for 1-2 minutes, otherwise the agar agar will not do its job.
  4. Make sure you work quickly and stir well, because agar already solidifies at room temperature.
  5. Let set in the refrigerator for 1-4 hours.

How long does agar agar stay stiff?

The binding power of agar starts to decrease slightly after 4-5 hours. But no worries, you can still make a vegan cheesecake a day or 2 in advance, your cake will not collapse after 5 hours. You are certainly safe preparing cake with agar agar 2 days before consuming it.


agar agar in vegan cheesecake

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mango pudding with agar agar

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Where can I buy agar agar?

You can buy TerraSana agar agar in the organic store or online. We put this binding agent in a small jar, but because you only use a few grams at a time, this will last you a very long time!