Travel through time with TerraSana

TerraSana literally means healthy earth. That’s been our priority from day one. As the natural food specialist, our goal has always been the same. The highest quality organic food for you and no-nonsense for our beautiful earth.

We’ve been through a lot in the last 40 years! Follow us from 1979 to now:

From a beaming Kees at the very beginning of the global earth-loving brand that TerraSana is today. To our current challenge to go for a plastic-free and plant-based future. And everything in between!

1979 - the very beginning

Kees Barnhard enters the organic food branch.

1986 - private label

The first private-label products are produced.

1989 - registration

Kees Barnhard officially registers TerraSana as a new brand.

1989 - employee no.1

Kees takes on his first employee.

1989 - going global

TerraSana has only just really started, but is quickly going international.

1992 - trip to Japan

Kees has been in close contact with Japanese for years, but is now going on a trip to Japan for the first time to visit producers.

1995 - own office

TerraSana is growing rapidly and is buying land in Leimuiden for its own warehouse and office.

1998 - in-house production

TerraSana starts by packing nuts, seeds and subtropical fruits in-house.

2002 - miso & soy sauce

TerraSana starts filling miso and soy sauce in-house.

2009 - nut butter production

The first nut butter machine arrives and the in-house production of nut butter starts.

2009 - green energy

TerraSana starts producing more sustainably: the first solar panels are installed.

2010 - strong growth

TerraSana has 35 employees. This year also Belinda Barnhard, Kees' daughter, joins our sales team.

2011 - superfoods

TerraSana is one of the first to introduce a trendy new line of organic superfoods.

2015 - new look

TerraSana changes course and starts the transition from wholesale to brand. A complete rebranding of the range is underway.

2019 - vegan & plastic free

TerraSana starts the journey to a 100% vegan and plastic-free range. Cees Barnhard, son of Kees, also joins the company as a planner.

2021 - doubling building

TerraSana grows and starts doubling its production, storage and office space. Kees' first daughter, Annabelle, also joined the company.