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Join team positive and make organic food mainstream!

These are our values

✅ We are down to earth

✅ We are transparent, honest and don’t beat around the bush.

✅ We stand by our choices and take our responsibility.

✅ We go for the very best, are ambitious, open and reflective.

Positive working

From positive eating to positive working. You guessed it positivity is what drives us! We see possibilities to accelerate processes, increase sustainability and then act upon them. That’s how we work together and how we develop our new products.

Our culture

TerraSana started small, with the dream of one hardworking man. That dream became reality and has grown into this positive eating brand with more than 60 employees.

Family is the foundation of TerraSana. The Barnhards work in various departments in the company from operations to sales and marketing. But family is also part of the corporate culture where openness, connection and cozy drinks are part of the deal.

Harmony is key

With sixty unique people on board, harmony is key. We go for sustainability in our products, with our customers and certainly with our colleagues. People who are all experts in their own way. What brings them together? Everyone is driven by growth.

Team TerraSana focuses on your strengths and how they strengthen the team. In the meantime, you learn from and grow through the strengths of others. For this we use Mapstell’s world of difference. Together we make a difference and our differences together make us work.

Meet our departments


Our management has an open door policy. At the helm they keep the lines short, transparent and open. This way we keep the processes clear and the products remain all the more tasty and sustainable! TerraSana believes in the power of connection and that it starts with management.


Our sales team wholeheartedly believes in real and organic food and is happy to share this love with (new) customers. They listen to the beautiful stories of customers before sharing all the ins and outs about our products. They are strong in maintaining lasting relationships and are happy to create new ones.


Marketing provides the tastiest and purest food with a shiny jacket and the full 101. In other words, a transparent story to let the customer know what he/she has in the pot. They make positive eating look its best!


They are looking for gems in the world of food! Find the right products and producers with an unique and strong story. Do you want to learn to speak Japanese? Perhaps you can improve your skills in purchasing. With our extensive Japanese range, there is a good chance!


True gourmets who dive into the details when it comes to rules, quality marks and the desired crunchiness. When it comes to quality, they stand for high taste and quality of products from the very beginning.


When the products come to our warehouse, they are always there to ensure that every order ends up with the right people. Math, precision, check, check and another check to make sure everyone gets their dose of TerraSana.


They keep an eye on the production. To guarantee quality, taste and look. They tune the machines in such a way to get that precise crunchiness that quality signed for. They ensure that each TerraSana jar has a lid that fits securely, efficient and clear.


HR makes sure TerraSana is the employer it wants to be. Within the team, HR ensures that everyone feels heard and seen. They are the point of contact for questions and make your professional growth concrete. The glue between the team of 60 people.


We count on our finance team! These math wonders keep the costs in balance. They ensure that everything runs smoothly financially, so that we can launch new organic and plant based products every year. Which we all enjoy!


Keeping in touch with our colleagues in Germany, France and Spain is a breeze with our IT-team. IT builds our network and they keep the long and invisible lines short! They ensure that the systems work flawlessly for more than 400 products and 60 employees. That is immeasurably valuable.

First-hand stories from former interns

I was welcomed with open arms

Sanne van der Kroft - marketing internDuring my internship I was able to learn and witness a lot within the team. I found it very educational and fun. It is a small company, where everyone knows each other and all departments are in close contact with each other. I have always felt good within the team and within the company. The team welcomed me with open arms and involved me in the big events.

Lots of action and space to develop

Lieke de Jong - intern HRMI was given the space at TerraSana to develop myself and gain work experience. TerraSana is an SME with a small HR department. As a result, every day is different and I have learned a lot from the various activities in the HR field. You can think of absentee registration, assessment interviews, job applications, administrative work, drawing up contracts and statements, arranging travel expenses and much more. My internship work has been very varied.

An internship to remember

Ellena Kaffatos - former quality internAs a third-year student studying Food Commerce and Technology, I had the opportunity to do a five-month internship (September 2023 - January 2024) in TerraSana's quality department. During this period, I did research into new nut butters and also worked in the quality department. This included walking in entrance checks and regularly participating in tasting sessions. I even got to experience for a day what it is like to work in production. From day 1, I was warmly welcomed and already clicked well with the ladies of quality. I was therefore very sad to have to say goodbye to this great workplace after five months. TerraSana is a relatively small company with short links so everyone knows each other well. During my time at TerraSana I was able to take part in various activities such as drinks parties and a team outing to the beach where we went blow karting and laser gaming. In short, it was an internship I will never forget!


We want to make organic food and positive eating mainstream.


We make organic, pure and fair products for food lovers who care about what they put in their mouth. That’s positive eating!

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