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Cooking with TerraSana is easy peasy world-class and organic enjoyment.
With all pure products made by the best chefs from all over the world.

Choose positive!

✅ Better for you and better for the world

✅ Because plantbased really is the future

✅Because it tastes pure, and is made pure.

✅ Because together we go for sustainable



How it started

40 years ago Kees planted the seeds for TerraSana. As a grocer’s son, he was taught early-on how pure tastes and what organic food does to people and nature. His innate love for pure food without additives is the heart of positive eating. TerraSana no longer fits in the attic where it once started, but is still a family business of people who share the positive eating DNA. Read about TerraSana’s growth from dream to earthloving brand.

This is our promise

We make sure that eating organic becomes a piece of cake for everyone! We want to be your go-to when it comes to food that’s as good for you as it is for the planet. While letting you know what’s exactly in the products. Being 100% vegan is our goal. While helping you on your vegan journey we are already well on our way to introducing everyone in Europe to organic food from small-scale makers with expertise. Makers from all over the world!

TerraSana loves her partners

We love the farmers, suppliers and charities we associate with. At TerraSana, we don’t just love the world. We also love to see her on our plate too! In our range you can choose from traditional Japanese, modern Mediterranean, macrobiotic. Always organic and 97% vegan. Whichever kitchen you favor, every product is free of unnecessary additives. Check the label to see what is in it.

Our partners come from all over the world. What characterizes them is that they work locally and on a small scale with organic ingredients and stick to traditions in which they are experts for generations.

Business angels

Creating a better world requires team effort. We support charities that share our passion for sustainability, nature and health. The Plastic Soup Foundation is one of them. We are their business angels. Together we work towards a better future.

We love to be better

Organic quality is our top priority! A beautiful stamp on our work is a must for us! All our products are certified with the Skal quality mark. Because of this strict European quality mark you know that organic is really organic.

We are also FSSC certified, an important certificate for food safety.


Skal quality mark


Positive eating is sustainable

Innovation in sustainability: that’s what we’re aiming for! In the products we make, the packaging we choose and the way we produce. Always on the look-out how things can be done even better, more sustainable, zero-waste and plastic-free.

Are you always looking for more things to do? Then we would like to advise you on how you can start in a positive way! With organic food, or by DIY up- and recycling. Click here if you want to know more about our sustainable choices.


Always making new flavors

Providing every worldly cuisine with vegan, organic and pure ingredients is a breeze with 30 new products a year. Our range is extensive and grows as we do. We discover new flavours, new cuisines, new chefs. After a series of pure tomato sauces with a vegan bolognese, we developed a smashing vegan chocolate hazelnut spread. After which we’re already brewing new things for your organic, vegan and pure kitchen cupboard.

Check out our range of 400+ products here.


In which stores can you find TerraSana products?

Where do I buy TerraSana products?
You buy TerraSana products at organic supermarkets or specialty stores and online. Go to find a shop to see which stores sell our products. Note: always check the stock for a specific product at the specific store first. Or google for TerraSana + product and have a better chance of finding it!

From product to recipe

The delicious recipes you find on the site? We make them in-house! Cooked in our kitchen and photographed by TerraSana’s Ingrid! Yep, we don’t just make sure you know exactly what’s in your food. We also help you on your way in the kitchen. This way you are equipped from start to finish at TerraSana.

We got you!

Go to the recipe page here and choose from 150 vegan recipes.


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