You can't resist these vegan cookies (you don't have to)

They are addictively delicious. Sweet, crunchy and small. But do you know what is the best thing? There is really nothing to criticize about these cookies.
6 July 2022

A biscuit, but no egg

These cookies are vegan, so there is no milk, butter or egg in them. They are gluten-free, so we don’t use wheat, spelled or rye. Cheap palm oil? No-go. Soy? Also a big no! Not even cane sugar, glucose syrup or agave syrup turned out to be necessary.

How these vegan cookies got so tasty though? That is the secret of a very nice Dutch baker. Someone who takes great pleasure in baking quality cookies. Who only works with really good ingredients and has made these 3 variants especially for us. Doesn’t that make you happy?

What is in it?

  • Whole grain oats. And sometimes a little bit of whole grain buckwheat, rice or quinoa. The perfect gluten-free mix!
  • Coconut oil. Palm oil may be cheap, coconut oil is tastier and more sustainable.
  • Coconut blossom syrup. This is one of the best sugar substitutes there is, because it doesn’t make your blood sugar level shoot through the roof.

This is the basis for a super crunchy cookie. You buy them in 3 flavors. A chocolate variant with cranberry and blueberry, one with hazelnut and raisin and a special one with ginger, chia seeds and orange.

vegan cookies choco cranberry blueberry - ook glutenvrij, palmolievrij, sojavrij, zonder rietsuiker

vegan cookies haver, hazelnoot en rozijn - ook glutenvrij, palmolievrij, sojavrij, zonder rietsuiker

vegan cookies ginger goji chia - ook glutenvrij, palmolievrij, sojavrij, zonder rietsuiker

Hand them out to everyone you know, empty the bag yourself or put them in your favorite snack jar.

Do you want to buy these vegan cookies?

That is possible at Ekoplaza or at other bio (web) shops.