New at TerraSana

What’s new? New in our assortment, because we see that it can be better. Tastier. Greener. We believe in the power that we can exert on the world together. The new products we bring on the market are always organic, vegan and purely made. We are on top of the recipes of our products. This allows us to garantee you quality. Discover new organic world cuisines.

What is jackfruit?
Jackfruit has become known as a meat substitute for vegans. It does resemble the structure of meat, but it is actually a fruit and that is how it tastes. Usually you buy jackfruit in a can or a jar, but we mixed it with a good, authentic Thai curry. This way you don't need any cooking skills to put a good vegan curry on the table.
Where is your coconut oil made?
Our coconut oil is made by an innovative Philippine company that takes sustainability to the next level. The company produces with 50% less emissions than the norm, works according to a zero-solid-waste policy and makes fair agreements with coconut farmers and the community. Sustainable on all levels!
Is konjac a good alternative to pasta?
Konjac is shaped like spaghetti or tagliatelle, but looks transparent. The nice thing about konjac pasta is that you feel like you are eating pasta because you eat it with similar ingredients. Yet it contains hardly any calories, no fat, no gluten, and even almost no carbohydrates. Konjac is certainly not the same as pasta in structure and taste, but is a good alternative to pasta if you want to lose weight, or if you follow a low-carb (keto) or gluten-free diet.

Trying Thai and Indian recipes?

Everyone can make these vegan recipes. Simple and quick cooking with pure and authentic products.