Asian cuisine

Oriental food is Asian food, cuisine of the East. Are you a fan of Thai, Vietnamese, Indian, Indonesian or Chinese? There you go, you are an oriental foodlover! In our range you will find fragrant curries from India, curry pastes from Thailand and Indian dahl and naan.

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Asian cuisine tonight?

No cuisine is as diverse as that of Asia. All different parts on this continent bring along their unique allure to the dinnertable. Asian dishes have excellent flavour combinations and influences from other cuisines. The Oriental dishes come in different combinations of fresh, spicy, bitter or sweet. Thanks to a rich vegetable base in Asian dishes, you can easliy go vegan and vegetarian for dinner. The wok has a central place in Asian cuisine. Vegetables and meat substitutes are fried briefly and vigorously in this. In addition, the use of sauces, oils and spices is a must. With this you can make a real Asian rice table!

What is Asian cuisine?

By Asian cuisine we mean the world cuisines from Asian countries. Each country has its own culture and its own cuisine with a unique taste. In some Asian countries, a nice fusion of Asian dishes has emerged.

  • Thai
  • Indian
  • Indonesian
  • Vietnamese
  • Chinese

Asian cooking for beginners

TerraSana’s Asian products make it easy to cook and easy to appreciate Asian cuisine. If you cook Asian with TerraSana, no Asian cooking course is involved. The Asian chefs TerraSana works with have already arranged this refinement in taste for you. If you opt for Asian, you have something very versatile and to everyone’s taste. If grandma and grandpa don’t like it all too spicy, then go for a sweet and sour noodle dish or rice dish. Or make a mild peanut sauce that every dinnerguest can spice up to taste.

You can take on Asian cooking in a grand way and share the deliciousness with many or prepare it as a one-pan dish. So whether you cook with a lot of time or want a done in 10 minutes dish on the table. With Asian cuisine you have a lot of choice, and:

  • is every product vegan;
  • pure;
  • always with the best quality organic ingredients!

Discover your favourite Asian ingredients here:

TerraSana Asian line is available at online supermarkets or the organic store near you.

Trying Thai and Indian recipes?

Everyone can make these vegan recipes. Simple and quick cooking with pure and authentic products.