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100% nut butter. Just pure, no crazy additions. Just so you always know exactly what you are eating. We make our own organic peanut butter and nut butters in-house, love is what it tastes like!

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Pure nut butter without additives

TerraSana pure nut butters have become a household name. Especially because of the smooth and pure taste of nuts. We’ve been making them in-house for years. Pure nuts and nothing else. Our in-home nut butters are made sustainably and come in glass jars that you can reuse. That’s TerraSana!

Pure nut butters are packed with proteins and good fats. This makes nut butters ideal for cooking and baking in a plant-based diet.

What makes TerraSana pure nut butters so delicious?

The delicious taste of TerraSana nut butters starts with the quality of the nuts. They come from small-scale nut growers with years of expertise and a sustainable heart. These growers know what a good nut tastes like. Because also with organic nuts, there is a difference in quality.

Ingredients pure nut butter

We can guarantee the delicious taste because we don’t add anything else to it. In other pure or organic nut butters you will find palm fats to make it smoother. Or worse, dextrose to make it sweeter. But we have sugar-free nut butters without additives. We grind the nuts ourselves in our own factory. This allows us to always ensure that you have the perfect creamy texture in the nut butter. The sweet taste? It comes from the cashews or almonds themselves. There is a layer of oil on the pure nut butter. You can easily stir this layer of oil through the jar of nut butter. Pure nature… so delicious you don’t have to add anything!

What types of nut butters are there?

There are 17 different types of nut butters that we make in-house in Leimuiden. We do this with sustainable energy, generated by the solar panels on our own roof. Some nut butters are well-known classics such as 100% peanut butter, others are known (more) in Mediterranean cuisine, such as tahini while some are unique in nutrition, such as almond butter which is praised for the good fats it contains.

Baking with nut butter is peanuts

Nut butter is best known as a spread on bread or crackers, but it’s also a culinary star. Care to make a nut butter sauce? How about hummus with the famous sesame butter, or tahini? Make cookies, breakfast bars or a pie crust with 100% nut butter. You can spread, cook and bake with it. Need inspiration? Have a look through this baking with nut butter booklet. Or try one of the recipes below.

We go for 100%. You?

Cooking and baking with 100% (pea)nut butter.