Nut butter recipe ideas

Take your time for healthy recipes with nut butter

Do you want to quickly prepare a healthy lunch but still need a recipe idea? Then consider using nut butter. You can meal prep with nut butter and create a variety of other healthy recipes. Alternatively, try a recipe with almond butter for a snack or a healthy treat. Get more out of that jar of nut butter!

3 healthy breakfast ideas with nut butter

How can you quickly and easily prepare simple breakfast recipes with nut butter? Well, if you want to be ready to go in the morning, meal prepping the night before is a great idea. How can you do that with breakfast recipes using nut butter? Try making chia pudding or granola, for example! These breakfast recipes should definitely be part of your recipe repertoire.

9 healthy lunch ideas with nut butter

Having nut butter for lunch can be as simple as taking a spoonful from the jar. However, with healthy recipes, you can take it a step further. A wholesome lunch is worth two meals. So, will you go for summer rolls with a nut butter sauce, a healthy sandwich recipe, soup, or salad with nut butter?

7 healthy dinner recipes with nut butter

Do you primarily associate nut butter with sweet recipes? Nut butter is also perfect for healthy dinner recipes. Will you go for sauce, curry, or soup?

Create healthy recipes with healthy nut butter

Usually, nut butter is found on the breakfast table alongside other sweet and savory spreads. But spreading nut butter only on bread is a missed opportunity. There are countless healthy nut butter recipes that you can enjoy for breakfast and dinner. You can even bake with nut butter together with your toddler, which is not only fun but also educational. With nut butter, you can easily make healthy and kid-friendly recipes. It’s clear that there’s a lot you can do with nut butter.

You can create many healthy dishes with nut butter. It’s not only delicious but also healthier than many other fatty ingredients. Nut butter contains not only proteins, which is good for post-workout meals, but also healthy saturated fats. It provides a feeling of fullness, and you can derive a lot of vitamins and minerals from it.

Recipe ideas for snacks with nut butter

Craving something sweet but running out of baking ideas? Be sure to check out these tasty sweet recipes with nut butter. Cookies, fudge, energy balls, and even gingerbread: these are recipe ideas that anyone can make. They’re all vegan recipes with nut butter, perfect for satisfying your sweet tooth. Especially almond butter and hazelnut butter work well in sweet snack recipes, but the 3-mix is also a winner for your favorite snack!

Sugar-free recipes with nut butter

Eating sugar-free doesn’t mean you don’t want to taste something sweet anymore. Opt for sugar-free nut butters that still have a sweet flavor. There are different nut butters that can satisfy your sugar cravings while being unsweetened.

Cashew butter is the sweetest sugar-free nut butter in the range. There’s even a new extra special version of cashew butter. The 3-mix nut butter also has a nice slightly sweet taste that comes naturally from the sweet nuts it contains.

Furthermore, the nut butters are generally unsalted. Only a few varieties of nut butter come with salted versions. But the rule is that all nut butters are produced without salt and sugar.

Making nut butter at home, how do you do that?

Making nut butter is simply blending nuts, and that’s it. However, the success lies in the quality of the nuts. The better your nuts, the better the base.

The second requirement is the right equipment to make nut butter yourself. You definitely need a food processor because a regular blender doesn’t have the power and will break itself. Once your nuts have turned into a creamy paste, scoop it into a jar.

Ensure that the lid seals tightly so you can store the homemade nut butter at room temperature for several months. If you want the nut butter to maintain its appearance, you can store it in the refrigerator and give it a stir before use. Still want a true TerraSana nut butter? This is how we make nut butter.

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Recipes with sunflower paste

Sunflower seed paste is not actually a nut butter, but a seed paste or kernel paste. Nevertheless, sunflower seed paste is also (besides being a mouthful) hugely versatile. Precisely because its taste is slightly less sweet than nut butter, sunflower seed paste fits well in savoury dishes. Think dressing base, homemade seed crackers, or even bread. You can also make broth for soup very nicely richer with a scoop of sunflower paste.