Vegan Thai cuisine

Are you vegan and do you like Thai food? Lucky you. The unique Thai cuisine lends itself perfectly to a vegan lifestyle. With the right Thai ingredients and particularly tasty Thai meat substitutes, you can cook delicious vegan dishes.

This is how you make vegan Thai

In typical Thai cuisine, a nice creamy curry is the base. This curry is served alongside (rice) noodles, rice and is itself packed with vegetables. Thai curries have a characteristic taste. By letting (almost) all flavours come back in a dish. This makes the well-known Thai curries a pure experience in taste. Herbs that you taste in Thai dishes are the characteristic flavours of coriander and lemongrass (sereh). The various fragrant spices of Thai cuisine surround you while cooking. As well as the fragrant rice that you serve alongside the curry.

Read all about the organic Thai curry here. Sometimes you prepare curry with a sauce, sometimes with a curry paste. What you almost always use to make it is coconut milk, which makes the sauce creamier and fuller in taste. Bamboo shoots, snow peas and onions are a small selection of the vegetables you put into a Thai dish. And don’t forget the toppings.

Healthy Thai recipes

You can complete your Thai meal with toppings such as red pepper, slices of lime and a little coriander to taste. A handful of sesame seeds is the finishing touch to a Thai dish. That is what makes Thai cuisine such a good choice in a vegan diet. There are many healthy and fresh ingredients in a Thai dish, so with one dish you get a boost of nutrients. That is in addition to the delicious rich taste. Sounds like a win-win.

All curry pastes in the TerraSana Asia line are gluten-free and without added white sugar. Which means you do not only have a vegetable curry, but also one that is gluten-free and organic. With no less than 25% organic chili in the red curry. Especially if you cook Thai cuisine organic there is nothing but benefits for your mouthfeel and body. Thai’ is best made pure.