Enjoy the spiciest Thai curries at home

Grand dining? Now that's a breeze! Make the tastiest Thai curries and soups in no time. Pure and organic from Thailand.

Your body is a temple. We get that. Therefore only the best is good enough. So pure ingredients, without unnecessary additives. Just real food that you can be sure about  like these Thai curries made by real curry chefs.

Thai curry paste like in Thailand with something extra for the vegan kitchen!

In a real Thai red curry paste and green curry paste, you can taste rich flavors without one being overpowering. Combined with the creamy TerraSana coconut milk, that’s almost as thick as whipped cream, this Thai curry will taste like in an authentic Thai restaurant.

Thai red jackfruit curry & green jackfruit curry

The Thai curries with jackfruit are fresh and slightly spicy. Jackfruit is a fruit that resembles chicken in structure and therefore fits perfectly in the vegan kitchen. Also both the curries and curry pastes are sustainably produced on one of the first organic farms in Thailand.

Spill the dish, what makes this jackfruit curry and currypaste so unique?

  • Full of organic herbs and spices
  • Without extra water
  • Without added sugar
  • Made by a curry chef
  • Sustainably produced on an organic farm in Thailand

More goodies from India…

Now you finish it with naan:

Tasty curry dishes are finished with naan, even though that’s traditionally so with Indian curries. We can attain they’re also really tasty with Thai curries. Or you can opt to make a vegan Indian massaman curry and serve it with naan. Available in naan garlic or natural. Warm the naan in the oven for a few minutes. That will complete your Thai or Indian table!

In the spring of 2022, this line will be expanded with more goodies from India. Where the curries are just as tasty and spicy, as in Thailand. In addition, there are a number of side dishes that are so good that they shine as main dishes for lunch or a light evening meal too!

Chips on the side?

Combine the lentil chips as an appetizer or side dish! Also delicious as vegan prawn crackers.

Thai sweet chili
Indian curry

Want to see more of the Asian cuisine or view the ingredients? You can find all that on the Asian cuisine page.

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