Healthy peanut butter recipes

A slice of peanut butter sandwich is always delicious and easy, and it’s also good for you. But when you start experimenting with peanut butter, you’ll discover the true power of this versatile and tasty ingredient.

Healthy peanut butter recipes that will blow your mind

Baking with peanut butter is not only fun but also nutritious. With a jar of peanut butter, you can create both a warm dish and a healthy breakfast. This peanut butter contains healthy fats and no salt, palm oil, or unnecessary additives, making it a perfect choice for crafting healthy dishes. With pure peanuts and their natural fats, you have endless possibilities to experiment with in various recipes.

Want to make healthy peanut butter bars? Check out this recipe 👇

Recipe for peanut butter bars

Making your own peanut butter granola bar is convenient because you can create a big stash of these treats to enjoy whenever you crave a snack. By adding different ingredients, you can vary the flavor, from honey peanut butter bars to chocolate peanut butter bars or even classic peanut butter cookies. Satisfy your sweet tooth guilt-free and indulge responsibly.

Recipes with peanut butter – curry and soup

Have you ever tried making a tasty peanut butter curry? It’s a must-try dish with peanut butter as the star ingredient. Not only does it provide a delicious and pure base for your curry, but it also adds a good dose of fiber and protein due to using 100% peanut butter. Another delightful warm dish with peanut butter is peanut soup.

How to make peanut sauce from scratch

Peanut sauce, if you love it, you can’t get enough of it. A bit of warm peanut sauce on a sandwich, alongside a cold salad, or as a spicy dip for your dinner – the possibilities are endless. If it’s your thing, you should definitely try these various peanut sauce recipes.

These homemade peanut butter snacks are a breeze to make

In addition to all the warm dishes you can create with peanut butter, we’ve also gathered some sweet peanut butter recipes for you. How fun is it to bake sweet cookies with a base that’s not only delicious but also nutritious?

What’s the difference between nut butter and peanut butter? Are they equally healthy?

Nut butter can contain peanuts, but peanut butter only consists of peanuts without any other nuts. The obvious difference between the two lies in their taste. Peanut butter has a distinctive flavor that everyone recognizes, while nut butters can be sweeter or have a smokier, nuttier taste than peanut butter.

What makes peanut butter healthy?

Peanut butter itself comes in various flavors. A pure peanut butter without palm oil, salt, or other additives will taste just like a handful of peanuts. Opting for peanut butter without added sugar makes it a healthier choice compared to most commercial peanut butters. 100% peanut butter means that it only contains high-quality organic peanuts and nothing else – this is what sugar-free peanut butter is all about.

Peanut butter with…

Of course, you can have sixteen different jars of ready-made peanut butter with various flavors on your kitchen shelf if you have the space for it. But you can also have fun experimenting and customizing peanut butter to your own taste. Below are some inspirations.

Peanut butter with sprinkles (hagelslag)

A classic treat loved by both young and old – chocolate and peanut butter.

Spicy peanut butter (peanut butter with sambal)

A perfect blend of heat and flavor.

Peanut butter with honey? Or perhaps with vegan maple syrup?

Deliciously vegan and sweet.

Peanut butter with chocolate (or peanut butter chocolate spread)

Combining chocolate with peanut butter is pure gold.

Peanut butter with sugar (coconut blossom sugar)

Simple, but coconut blossom sugar always works wonders.

Peanut butter with coconut

The coconut flakes add a delightful crunch to your peanut butter.

Peanut butter with gingerbread cookies (pepernoten)

A nostalgic treat that brings joy to your plate!

Peanut butter and jam (peanut butter jelly)

An all-time classic – peanut butter with red marmelade.