Love it so matcha! How it's made

A tea geek extra ordinaire? You'll love this premium grade organic matcha (for tea and latte) and matcha cooking grade (for cooking and baking).
6 July 2022

organic matcha terrasana

What is matcha?

Organic matcha comes from Japan. It is a bright green powdered tea. Matcha has been very popular in Japan for a long time, and is now starting to conquer Europe. Why that is? Let’s find out shall we?

How does organic matcha taste?

The taste of organic matcha is unique. You have to experience it yourself to talk of its flavour. We would describe it as a mix of green peas and young tea leaves, with a hint of umami. Some people have to get used to it, others are immediately hooked. The better the quality, the more subtle and less bitter the taste.

What’s so special about matcha?

Matcha is a very finely ground tea. With regular tea, you infuse the leaves. With matcha you actually drink the tea leaves. That is a big difference which influences – your not so average tea- taste and the effects in your body!

biologische matcha cooking grade en matcha premium grade

How is green matcha a made?

The production of matcha is one of the most complex production processes in the world. We leave this only to the very best tea farmers. Our matcha farmers use the special shade technique. They cover the tea plants with dark cloths to stimulate growth. Four weeks before the harvest, the plants are even 90% shaded. At this stage, the plants compensate for the lack of light by intensively stimulating chlorophyll. This optimizes the taste.

They pick the tea leaves by hand. Then they steam, sort and process the leaves immediately. Steam prevents fermentation, keeps leaves fresh and preserves all the nutrients in the tea. All kinds of gourmets and matcha experts are used for sorting. They assess the color, quality and taste of the tea in several steps. When everything is divided into different grades of quality, they remove the peduncles. This leaves the finest and purest pulp of the plant. The finer the powder, the higher the quality.

Go green! Cooking and baking with matcha

Don’t like tea? Don’t worry, matcha really isn’t just for drinking tea or latte. You can bake and cook with it and use it as a coloring agent for anything and everything. For example, try a Japanese curry, ice cream, desserts or cake. Matcha works wonderfully in combination with chocolate.

Note: do not use boiling water for matcha tea, as matcha will become bitter.

What is the difference between Matcha Premium and Cooking Grade?

Premium grade is exactly what it sounds like: matcha of special quality. This is made from extra young tea leaves. The powder is extra bright green in color and super fine. The taste is delicate and slightly sweet. This matcha is excellent for official, Japanese tea ceremonies: you’ll drink delicious tea!

Cooking grade is also good quality Japanese matcha, but tastes less sweet. Use this variety to bake or cook tasty things.