The story of the Italian piadina

It has already become the trend of the moment: the piadina. A thin, Italian wrap, also called "flat bread". This specialty has been the pride of Italy since 1371!
6 July 2022

Italian piadina: traditional but modern

The traditional piadina was originally made from flour, water, oil and salt. Pure and uncomplicated. We went in search of such a traditional recipe, but with a trendy edge. Where to find a supplier who has a heart for organic and where you can 100% trust that the purity of the recipe is number 1? Well, in Italy! After a long search, we found the wrap supplier we were looking for. We visited this small business and cherish the passion we felt there.

Piadina master for 20 years!

More than 20 years ago, the owner of the company started her own piadina shop on the coast. Her piadine (plural of piadina) were such a success among hungry bathers, that she soon started selling her products to other parties as well. What made her piadine so special back then was the pure, traditional recipe. She doesn’t use yeast, palm oil, animal fats, GMO, preservatives or flavors. She kept it small and clean. 20 years later she knows that she was ahead of today’s trend at the time. These wraps are real and organic, enriched with rich traditional knowledge.

Piadine with alternative grains

Our first priority is that we use good organic ingredients. But we want more. Can we make a piadina without wheat? Without gluten even? The answer is YES! Our supplier experimented fiercely and came up with dozens of special piadina recipes. This is how super combis were created. We selected the 3 very best for you:

  1. Whole wheat and oats
  2. Spelt flour and oats
  3. Wheat and hemp

Junk-free wraps

The progressive vision of our supplier has already resulted in many special and pure products. In a world where processed foods are gaining the upper hand, this company remains true to nature. Their vision is our vision. Making people happy with real, pure food!

How can a simple ‘sandwich’ be so delicious? Well, it just takes a good recipe!

How do you actually eat those piadine?

Piadine only need to be heated shortly in a hot frying pan. Ten seconds on both sides and it’s a wrap!

You eat the piadina as a (folded) pizza, as a sandwich or as a pancake. Delicious with Mediterranean (grilled) vegetables and an avocado spread or tahini. Delicious with fried seitan, but salad-like vegetables also work well.

Did you know…?

… Our supplier does certain work manually. He does this on purpose, so that she really remains the best. Gotta love it!

How do we make that piadina?

Our colleague Samantha recently visited the Italian factory.

“I walk into the small, almost cozy factory. The first thing I see is a giant mixer, which actually looks a bit like a bird cage. I look along the bars and see how the dough spins and quickly turns into balls of equal weight. Then the bulbs end up in the hands of factory workers, who are ready to manually place them in neat rows. They get sprinkled with flour and roll up the belt. I am fascinated.

Before I know it, the bulbs are under the roller. A second later, a thin and elongated piece of dough comes out. Then the dough meets the roller again. I blink my eyes and see a beautifully equal-sized piadina on the other side. It is ready for the oven. The wrap slides into the oven while rotating and bakes for a short time. Especially for TerraSana, the employees manually collect the wraps per 6 pieces. The foil is wrapped and the piadine are transported as soon as possible.

It’s a wrap!”