TerraSana timeline: from wholesaler to brand in 35 years

6 July 2022

Our website is live, so we want to celebrate! Letā€™s also look back for a moment though. Just for the nostalgic feelings. TerraSana started almost 40 years ago in an attic room in Leimuiden, now it is a strong brand that dares to make sustainable choices. How we got to this point? Letā€™s find out!

From wholesaler to brand

TerraSana was founded in 1989 by Kees Barnhard. We started as a wholesaler and grew over the years into a company with more than 1000 products, predominantly Japanese and macrobiotic. Shortly after the kick-off, Kees started producing organic nut butters. That was super innovative at the time. How tasty is peanut butter without palm oil and sugar? That idea has just become mainstream in recent years.

The transformation

In 2014, TerraSana started a major visual transformation. The look of our products became nice and contemporary and we started to make tighter choices for our range of products. For each product group, we reviewed again which products would really make people happy.

Every year we updated several product lines and gave between 50 and 200 products a new look. Our range shrank to around 400. Still enormous!

The first sustainable steps we took very early in our career. The first solar panels were on our roof in 2009. In recent years we have only become more aware. In 2020, the focus was on going vegan and less plastic. In 2021, our Green Team will once again be working hard on improving the world around us.

No worries if you choose TerraSana

The good thing is that our choices are getting clearer. As a result, you know what to expect when you buy a TerraSana product. We screen every new product extensively with the entire team. We discover, taste and choose consciously.

This is our promise to you. This is what we look for when we try out new products.

  • Pure: only ingredients that really need to be in there
  • Plant-based
  • No refined sugars
  • Collaborations with farmers and businesses we can trust