How to make an Indonesian rice table yourself

Do you have a dinner planned and want to celebrate and enjoy good food? Have a go with an Indonesian rice table. With a few tips and tricks shared below you easily make an Indonesian rice table yourself.

A traditional Indonesian rice table made in your kitchen

In Indonesia, food is a symbol of coziness, community and love. The secrets of a delicious rice table are passed on from (grand)mother to daughter or (grand)father to son. There’s something romantic about secret family recipes, not just the mystery surrounding it, but also because it tastes so good. But that’s the crux, because those recipes are so familiar, you can’t just copy them at home. Unless it has been prepared by connoisseurs in such a way that you can prepare it in your kitchen in no time.

A vegan Indonesian rice table: fast, organic and healthy

With the Asian line from TerraSana you don’t have to be a chef to put restaurant quality on the table. The recipes are completely vegan. Although a vegan Indonesian rice table is certainly not standard in Indonesia, you only need to make few adjustments. For example, we did not put trassi (shrimp paste) in our bumbu, but only worked with vegetable herbs. That’s nice if you eat vegan, and doesn’t extract from the traditional taste.

In addition, all products are made as pure as possible. This means that no flavour enhancers can be found in it, but also that there is no sugar in the bumbu, or that the sweet Indonesian soy sauce (ketjap manis) is sweetened with coconut blossom sugar, a type of sugar with a lower glycemic index than white and refined sugar.

Much of the Asia line is also gluten-free, which is great if you don’t tolerate gluten well. In addition to keeping the products as pure as possible, ease in preparation is another priority. The marinades, bumbu’s and various curries are easy to prepare. That delicious authentic Asian taste and the easiness of being ready within 30 minutes, that’s a win-win!

How to make an Indonesian rice table yourself?

The Indonesian rice table is widely known in the Netherlands. And usually you order or eat this in a nice Indonesian restaurant, but what if you could make that at home. Great enjoyment at your own kitchen table with your family or friends. Because the ideal thing about Indonesian cooking is that you can dine as extensively as you want. With the Indonesian base of TerraSana you can set up that delicious rice table in no time. How do you do that, and what is actually in an Indian rice table?

  1. Start with a nasi goreng. You make it with the vegan bumbu and it is always the basis of an Indonesian rice table.
  2. Add a vegan satay (e.g. from seitan), marinated with the gluten-free ketjap manis. Don’t forget the satay sauce.
  3. Serve with crispy onions (ours are fried without palm oil, that’s better for the planet!) and you have a delicious Indonesian dish to serve.
  4. Make it even more special by serving side dishes such as sajoer beans, atjar tjampoer (sweet and sour vegetable mix) and terong balado (eggplant stew).
  5. It’s fun anyway. Once you’ve started, you can see that making your own Indonesian rice table is easy. In addition knowing what you eat is good for you and good for nature makes that homemade rice table tastes even better!

How you can make an Indonesian rice table yourself