Best in class: nutbutters but make it crunchy

For the category: you didn't know how much you needed this until now. There are 2 new flavors of crunchy nut butter. Read about the great taste and dive into the interview that our product marketer Laura gave about it.
9 March 2023

That’s right: there are two new crunchy nut butters out. Understandably this will make you very happy. Not only is nut butter delicious, but it’s also incredibly good for you. It’s versatile to cook with and almost everyone – young and old – loves it. We took it to the next level. In the two popular nut butters, cashew and almond, we add small pieces of nut.

A little about crunchy nut butter

We grind this nut butter in-house also known as TerraSana hq. We use our own grinders, which we adjust with precision. This way you have a nice crunch in every jar of crunchy nut butter, because you want to really taste pieces of nut. There is even an extra surprise in the cashew butter.

The extra surprise in cashew butter with pieces

If you think that is all, you’re wrong. The cashew butter contains a crunch, but on top of that also a little Himalayan salt. As a result, the new cashew butter tastes like a handful of salted cashew nuts. Delish.

cashew butter crunchu with salt

Almond butter with crunch

The other tasty flavor is the popular almond butter. This nut butter is loved for its smoky and nutty flavor. Excellent if you like nut butter, but don’t really crave a sweet spread. With the pieces of almond in it, the nut butter becomes even richer in taste. That crunch really tops of the experience.

almond butter crunchy

Are there vitamins in crunchy nut butters?

The good thing about those tasty nut butters is that they are full of vitamins. For example almonds are rich in good fats, the unsaturated kind, and vitamin E. Those nutrients are preserved because the almonds are ground with membrane. Just as nutritious is the cashew crunchy nut butter. Cashews contain fewer fats than peanuts and they contain potassium, magnesium and phosphorus.

Extra flavor

Biojournaal asked us about the details of the crunchy nut butter. Our product marketer Laura gave them the full 101. Read an excerpt from the interview here:

A little bit of salt has been added to the 100% cashew nuts in the Cashew butter crunchy. “This Himalayan salt brings out the flavor of the cashews even more. It’s like eating a handful of roasted salted cashews out of a bag.”

The almond butter crunchy gets extra flavor thanks to the production process. “This one is made purely and only from roasted, organic almonds. By roasting and grinding the peel, our almond butter gets a special, delicious, distinct taste. As a result, all the good nutrients from the peel remain in the nut butter.”

For the entire interview with Biojournaal, click here.

Which nut butter is best on bread?

We like nut butter on a cracker as a snack, or on a sourdough bread. Nut butter crunchy, that doesn’t just sound good to the ears. It spreads and tastes great on bread as well. So whether you opt for the well-known peanut butter crunchy, or for the original and creamy almond crunchy or cashew crunchy. Your sandwich will never be boring or simple again; and then the big question:

Which crunchy are you going for?

What are you going to make with these crunchies? Get inspired!

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