Mother's Day recipes: bakes and breakfast ideas

How do you spoil mothers? By cooking delicious food for her and enjoying it together, of course. With these tasty vegan recipes, that’s a breeze.

Celebrate Mother’s Day the best with these tips

Mother’s Day is the day to put your mother in the spotlight: with gifts, food and relaxation. All you need are a few genius recipes, and a Mother’s Day gift that really surprises. Start with a real Mother’s Day breakfast. It’s a classic for a reason. A freshly baked croissant, fresh fruit and a nice cup of coffee. Make it extra special by creating a beautiful table setting.

Making Mother’s Day breakfast or Mother’s Day lunch?

We are nowhere without this Mother’s Day classic. Breakfast in bed is the Mother’s Day recipe. Every mother deserves it. Preferably prepared by little children’s hands with gusto.

But if you want to skip the best Mother’s Day breakfast of croissant, fresh juice, coffee and fresh fruit and put something different on the table for once, then go ahead and make a special Mother’s Day breakfast, a healthier breakfast for your mother or a gluten-free Mother’s Day breakfast.

But you can also take a completely different approach and make a dish for Mother’s Day and pull something special out of the kitchen cupboard for your mother for dinner. These Mother’s Day recipes will give you a hand.

Mother’s day recipes: bake a cake

If it’s not already a thing, we should make it one. A delicious home-baked cake to spoil your mum with. There’s nothing more fun, is there? Not a kitchen prince or princess? No problem, you can also gift an experience, such as a workshop for Mother’s Day or a massage voucher to let your mother completely relax. Or book a day in the sauna for two. Running late? Then you can always do something special or ready-made for tea. Gift a special Japanese tea and some tasty choco-treats. These also come in vegan chocolate.

Baking biscuits for Mother’s Day

Mothers are delighted by a gift that has been made with effort. A gift that reflects your love and appreciation. What could be nicer than surprising her on Mother’s Day with a homemade treat? Homemade biscuits show that you love your mother, and that you are quite willing to take care of her for a day too. So put on your apron and dive into the kitchen (together) for a tasty tray of vegan biscuits. Go for sweet heart-shaped biscuits or let your creativity run wild with a colourful extra layer or cheerful toppings. Mother’s day = biscuit day!