Vegan recipes

Are you interested in trying out plant-based eating but unsure how to replace animal products? Do you prefer clean and healthy eating? Or are you excited to venture into baking with amazake or miso for the first time? Well, you don't have to be a professional chef to successfully create these delightful vegan recipes. Whether you're cooking or baking, you can still feel the goodness of plant-based cuisine. Cook, bake and feel the goodness!

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Love for vegan (recipes)

In the delicious world of vegan recipes, pure flavors and a love for nature come together. Because a plant-based diet is not only good for yourself but also for the animals and the planet. Here, you’ll find the tastiest plant-based recipes; dishes without any animal ingredients. From vegan cakes to vegan desserts, from vegan breakfasts to vegan dinners. So, let’s get into that kitchen and enjoy!

Opt for a vegan breakfast for a delightful start to the day or dive into the inspiring selection of vegan recipes for dinner. Whether you follow a plant-based diet or simply want to enjoy healthy and nourishing meals, these vegan dishes are easy, nutritious, and usually quick to prepare. Anyone can do it, even you, if you only cook when necessary.

Quick vegan meals

You’re in the right place for quick vegan recipes too. Our plant-based collection also includes simple and delicious options for busy days. Filter under ‘ease of preparation’ for ‘less than 15 minutes’ or ‘less than 30 minutes’, and you’ll get exactly what you need: quick recipes that are also vegan. A plate full of inspiration just for you!

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