What are we eating for Easter this year?

Easter is coming which means all together at the dinner table for a tasty Easter breakfast, original Easter brunch and then a surprising Easter dinner.


Delicious Easter food

Easter usually means a nice long weekend off. For most, one in which elaborate food plays a starring role. So how do you fill those two Easter days with tasty and surprising dishes for Easter? Or what is typical Easter food, and how can you make a vegan Easter dish? For that, you’ve come to the right place. We have some inspiring Easter dishes that you can prepare yourself with ease. In order to eat well on Easter, because eating and being free, that’s the best combination, right?

Fancy a vegan Easter brunch?

Spring is all about Easter, especially Easter brunch. This requires creativity, because what do you put on the table besides fresh gravy? What will you eat at Easter brunch? How much sweetness and should there be a savoury tart to go with it? For this, you have us. Take a quick look at the delicious Easter recipes and you will not be short of inspiration for tasty Easter brunch dishes!

How about these vegan lunch Easter dishes?

Enjoying a leisurely lunch with a homemade Easter meal for young and old. Because Easter lunch is of course enjoyed by children. Delicious quiches and hot soups after searching for Easter eggs in the garden. Then, of course, there’s also painting on eggs (made of paper then), because we’re keeping it nice and vegan for Easter. Want a typical Easter menu? Then eat poached egg at lunch on Easter. If you want a vegan Easter, try goma dofu. That freely translated is soft tofu (silken tofu), but it totally fits the Easter theme, as it looks just like a real boiled egg with no yolk. Which of the three recipes will you have lunch with for Easter?

Tell me, what will you have for dinner at Easter this year?

Forget the Easter box, this is how you prepare your own vegan Easter dinner. Want to know what food typically accompanies Easter? We have set up some classic Easter dishes in vegan variations. Colour your table pretty yellow with carrot soup with miso. This goes well with a hot lunch, but it also fits as a tasty starter with an Easter dinner.

This is how quickly you’ll be cooked up for Easter

Are you as busy as chickens for Easter? Then have some quick Easter dishes. You can make all these yourself during the Easter season and eat delicious, quick, healthy and traditional at Easter.