Vegan recipes with teriyaki sauce

7 ways to use teriyaki sauce

OK, actually, you can put teriyaki sauce through and over almost anything. In fact, at its base, teriyaki is an all-round condiment with both sweet and salty flavours. Still, you will find that the oriental ingredients in particular go especially well with the Japanese flavour of teriyaki. Therefore, you probably need tó ideas and recipes to do this tasty sauce justice. And oh, do you eat plant-based? No problemo, you can just skip chicken teriyaki or steak teriyaki. There are plenty of plant-based recipes you can think of that don’t require chicken or beef.

Going with a ready-made teriyaki sauce like ours? You’ll find recipes of these teriyaki dishes on this page.

  1. Stir-fry: fundamentally, our ready-made teriyaki sauce is a wok sauce, so wok with it for extra umami flavours.
  2. Oven dish: For vegetables from the oven with a perfectly fried layer of teriyaki.
  3. Tofu & tempeh: for a glazed coating full of the savoury flavours of teriyaki.
  4. Grilled vegetables: Think aubergine or cauliflower, extra tasty with a layer of teriyaki.
  5. Soba and noodles: teriyaki and noodles are a perfect match, especially when combined with Asian vegetables.
  6. Sushi: You can also incorporate the umami flavours of teriyaki in sushi, especially if you use oyster mushrooms or tofu.
  7. Poke bowl: the Japanese ingredients of a poke bowl taste great with the salty and sweet flavours of teriyaki.

Scroll down for tasty teriyaki recipes without chicken or beef.