10 ways to use coconut milk

Coconut milk: we love it. It’s such a pure and natural product that harmoniously comes from nature, and you can create the most delicious coconut dishes and drinks with it.

10 ways to use coconut milk

Scroll down for recipes using coconut milk. 

Got some leftover coconut milk and not sure what to do with it? With the options below, you can get plenty of delicious ideas for coconut milk recipes.

  1. Curries: for a creamy texture and mild sweetness.
  2. Smoothies: for a creamy and tropical flavor.
  3. Soups: for a silky texture and subtle coconut taste.
  4. Desserts: think rice pudding, pannacotta, or chocolate mousse.
  5. Breakfast bowls: like a smoothie bowl, nice cream (frozen fruit ice cream), or an açai bowl.
  6. Baking and cakes: coconut milk as a creamy replacement for milk or cream in muffins or vegan (cheese)cakes.
  7. Stir-fries: a dash of coconut milk to sauté your veggies.
  8. Cocktails and mocktails: for a delicious tropical twist and a slightly creamy texture.
  9. Grains and oatmeal: for a rich flavor, as an alternative to cow’s milk.
  10. Coffee or latte: for a vegan (keto) version without dairy.


Coconut milk for curry or soup

For warm dishes like a creamy curry, our coconut milk 80% is perfect. What makes this coconut milk special is the purity of the coconut milk. To achieve the creamy milk, only pure coconut with a little water is used. This makes the coconut milk extra creamy and rich, without any unnecessary additives like guar gum.

Adding coconut milk to curries is common in Asia, but you can also beautifully incorporate coconut milk into soups as a replacement for heavy cream or milk. Coconut milk has a fuller texture compared to other plant-based milk or coconut drinks. This creates a richer mouthfeel and deeper flavor in the soup. By using 80% coconut milk in your soup, you instantly elevate it to a creamier dish, which is ideal for those who prefer dairy-free options.

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Healthy recipes with coconut milk are delicious for everyone

If you’re lactose intolerant or follow a vegan diet, chances are you’re already a fan of coconut milk. For most people, it’s a popular alternative to heavy cream or cow’s milk. But besides being a dairy substitute, coconut milk is a versatile product. Once you cook with coconut milk a few times, you’ll surely become a fan, especially if you enjoy creamy and sweet flavors. And who doesn’t?

Coconut milk as your go-to base ingredient

There are so many coconut milk recipes, from super delicious to kid-friendly, surprising, and simply healthy ones. Often, coconut-based dishes are so tasty that even those without dietary restrictions prefer them over other dishes. Coconut has a naturally pleasant and slightly sweet taste. It’s potentially sustainable because every part of the coconut is usable, as you can read more about in the blog: How sustainable is coconut milk, actually?

How to make your own creamy vegan curry

A curry doesn’t always have to be Thai. There are also delicious Indian curries like kofta or cauliflower curry. But, of course, the most popular Thai curries are made with coconut milk, like the vegan Massaman curry for which we’ve provided a simple recipe.

Drinks and cocktails: cooling off with coconut milk

With light coconut milk, you can make the most delightful drinks to cool off, and even for an energy- or vitamin-boosting smoothie, coconut milk with 11% fat is a tasty ingredient. Creamy lemonades or even a mocktail or cocktail. Coconut milk has a gentle taste that pairs well with many other flavors.

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