How sustainable is coconut milk really?

Coconut milk is an all-rounder. It is the creamy base of your soup, sauce or smoothie. The perfect vegan replacement for whipped cream. An ingredient to stack your kitchen cupboard with!
10 December 2020

Full fat

The full-fat version of coconut milk is always the best. The fatter, the more real coconut is used. The fatter, the purer the quality. Our coconut milk contains the most coconut (and remains the most fat) of all. It’s made from 80% coconut, combined with water. No guar gum, no extractions. Just pure! Coconut milk with such a high fat percentage (22%) is also sold as coconut cream. Our favorite ingredient for baking, or for adding to soup, curry or smoothie. Oh, and coconut milk is also the perfect vegan substitute for cream!

Coconut from Sri Lanka

What makes coconut milk from TerraSana even more fun? It’s made by a Buddhist family and a Dutchman in Sri Lanka, with love. The family does not only receive a fair price for their work, but they are also prepared to run the business independently in the long term. Everything is done with care and respect for nature and the product.

Coconut facts

A coconut tree blossoms at full moon. Every month a new branch with 11-12 fruits forms. The coconut palm therefore fruits about 144 coconuts a year. Unless there is drought, then no cluster will form. These are removed from the tree by special coconut palm climbers. According to tradition, only adult men do this. Only mature nuts are removed, because this is the most sustainable in the long term.

Super efficient

Coconut is a super efficient and sustainable product. Maybe you already knew that you can survive on coconuts for a relatively long time on a desert island. But literally everything from coconut is also used in the production of coconut products. The outer fibers are good for making mats, the shell is perfect for making carbon. By separating the fat (santen), the fibers and the moisture and making use of the different seasons, you can not only use coconut milk with a coconut palm, but also coconut water, santen (coconut cream), coconut oil, coconut flour, coconut blossom sugar, coconut chips. from coconut grater. A lot, huh?

Good to know

  • TerraSana’s coconut milk cans are BPA-free.
  • Did you know that you pay almost as much for the full-fat version as for thinner coconut milk with, for example, 55% coconut? A no-brainer!

Peanut sauce with a vegan BBQ party? This way you can quickly make it yourself.

schaaltje pindasaus met chilipeper en tamari

  1. Crush the garlic.
  2. Mix all ingredients.
  3. Heat on low heat.
  4. Add if necessary. vegetable milk to dilute.