Lentil chips as your new conscious snack

Are you always first in the row when it comes to chips? And do you feel better if you go for a 'healthier' version? Look, having potato chips is fine every now and then. These new lentil chips though? These are just a better choice!

What does lentil chips taste like?

Lentil chips are super crunchy. You can best compare them with prawn crackers, but without the shrimp. Slightly thicker than potato chips, a crispy crunch and with delicious herbs from the East. Your bag of chips will be empty before you know it!

What are the advantages over potato chips?

  • Less salt
  • Less fat (and up to 40%, hello!)
  • No added sugars
  • Lentil base (almost 40%)
  • Vegan and gluten free

How do you eat lentil chips?

Especially as a snack, of course. Great for you, to share or for the kids. Also goes well as a side dish with, for example, fried rice or noodles. Like a kind of prawn cracker for vegans. Just open that bag already!

Lentil chips in 2 flavors

  • Thai sweet chili
  • Indian curry

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