TerraSana trendwatch! Foodtrends of 2021

What will the food trends of 2021 be? Are we all going vegan, or not yet? Which hypes become trends or even habits? The 6 most important in a row.
6 July 2022


In 2021 more and more people are opting for vegetarian and vegan. Heaps of people are starting to feel responsible for the impact that the meat and dairy industry has on people, animals and the environment. In 2020, we decided to only introduce plant-based products from now on. For example, in 2020 we launched super tasty vegan cookies. Yes! Because egg, milk and butter can easily be replaced by all kinds of plant-based products! Also nice: vegan lattes (hip drinks) and a line of four vegan cakes without added sugar.

Substitutes for coffee and tea.

Speaking of vegan lattes. Chai latte and golden milk were already on-trend in 2020, in 2021 we will go one step further. We crave for alternative to coffee or tea. Matcha is of course the replacement for coffee due to the amount of caffeine. Last year we introduced a special matcha variant to make tea or (vegan) latte. A high-end product with a sublime taste and quality!

Healthy snacks.

Fondness of conscious snacking is growing. Bites free from refined sugars, animal ingredients, gluten, yeast or wheat are hot. Our vegan cookies and vegan cakes are the ultimate example of this, they have it all. In 2020, the gluten-free, low-fat triangles went like hot cakes. We are far from done with healthy snacking!

Eating like the Japanese do.

The Japanese kitchen has caught our attention and tastebuds for a while. Sushi has been an increasing trend for years. But we are digging deeper into the authentic Japanese cuisine. We get inspiration from how the Japanese live and eat! A small example: we use salt, in Japan they often use it as an alternative gomasio or miso. We will find this more often on our kitchen table in 2021!

Sustainable food (seaweed).

Part of the Japanese trend is the fact that seaweed is taking up an increasingly important place in European cuisine. We are fascinated by the umami taste and see seaweed as a superfood. One of the newest products is agar agar. That is a vegan substitute for gelatine, a gelling agent and made from seaweed. All-in one!

Pickling and fermenting 

Pickling veggies, this authentic cuisine is rediscovered. Modern day technics make the fermenting process easier and faster. New to this, try the pickle press and make your own fresh veggie ‘sauerkraut’ using cabbage. 

Sustainable and local.

Local food is a trend that will continue in 2021. We also try to get more out of the area. For a number of months now, our barley grass no longer comes from faraway New Zealand, but simply from Europe. We saw this trend slowly emerging in 2019, but it will probably make an extra growth spurt due to Covid.

Zero waste.

We are becoming more and more aware. Free bags were already banned in 2016. Since then it has become very common to bring your own bag. Yet the plastic bag story is only the tip of the iceberg. Supermarkets are still full of plastic packaging. In 2020 we switched to compostable foil for 100 products. We go for plastic-free!