This is how our gluten-free vegan cookies are made

We simply make our already popular vegan cookies in the Netherlands. We were at the very first production. How does it actually work in such a cookie factory?
6 July 2022

The factory is small. It does look a bit like a hall, and everything looks super new and clean. This is because the factory has only just been operational. Our producer is an cheerful man and a real pro in gluten-free baking. He does everything together with his wife, how cozy is that?

Artisan baked vegan cookies

The cookie dough is ready. It looks deliciously homemade, just like homemade cookie batter looks like. To loosen the dough, he turns the mixer briefly and with large strokes. The baker’s wife puts the dough into the cookie mold manually. Still a bit provisional at the moment, but that traditional feel is really charming! Shortly afterwards we see the first cookies roll through the mold. They end up neatly (and sometimes less neatly) on large baking sheets. The baker himself puts them in large carts and pushes them to the ovens.

Gluten-free vegan cookies

This happy baker has developed the cookie recipe especially for us. We asked a lot of him, because we wanted cookies that are gluten-free and vegan, and without palm oil and without cane sugar. Oh, and preferably also without soy, and with really good oil, preferably no sunflower oil. It was a challenge, but the baker has been baking for 40 years, 25 of which gluten-free and organic. He knows what he’s doing, and he really developed the perfect cookie for us. “Because this is a new recipe, it takes a bit of searching and experimenting in the beginning, but that’s my profession and I really think it’s a sport to come up with the perfect recipe.”

The baker works intuitively, and it shows. When the oven beeps that the cookies are ready, he looks closely at the vegan cookies, turns them over, and decides they need another minute. Just by eye, without tasting.

After a minute we taste them, and we love it! The chocolate pieces are nicely present, the cookie is crunchy, just sweet enough, perfection!

From cookie to cookie in package

After the baker has tested the label system and the labels are correct to the millimetre, all the biscuits go into a distribution system on a sort of cookie ladder. There they are shot down per handful of cookies, directly into the bag. The baker’s wife collects the bags and packs them. It takes a few hours, but the very first production for TerraSana’s gluten-free vegan cookies is done!

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