In for a detox? This is how the lemon juice detox works

The lemon juice detox is a form of fasting. You deprive your body of food and give it the chance to restore. The main ingredient in the lemon juice detox is maple syrup

The lemon juice detox lasts 4 to 10 days, excluding days for a smooth transition. In the detox you drink diluted maple syrup with fresh lemon juice and possibly, a pinch of cayenne pepper. You’ll drink 2 liters of fluid per day. You don’t eat anything else. At most you drink some extra herbal tea.

Why detox?

These are the most common reasons for doing a detox cure:

  1. You give your intestines a rest
  2. You come back into balance
  3. You make yourself less dependent on food
  4. You become aware of your eating behavior
  5. You increase your resistance
  6. You get more energy (if you permanently improve your diet afterwards)


How long does the lemon juice cure last?

You take a maximum of 16 days for the lemon juice cure. Prepare for 2-3 days, fast for 4-10 days, build up for 2-3 days. Try to see the 4-day fast as a minimum. Certainly no longer than 10 days.

Do you dare? These are the rules of the lemon juice cure.

Prepare (2-3 days)

Preparation to detox is very important, so make this process intentional. Do not drink alcohol or coffee a few days before and eat as little meat, sugar and carbs as possible. Take at least 2 days to taper off.

The cure (4-10 days)

On all days you drink 2 liters of water with 20 tablespoons of fresh lemon juice and 20 tablespoons maple syrup grade C. Add if necessary, a pinch of cayenne pepper. This has a warming effect on cold days.

The only thing you can drink besides this mixture is caffeine-free herbal tea.

Build up (2-3 days)

  • Day 1: few pieces of fruit, maple-lemon mixture, if necessary. a broth
  • Day 2: fruit and vegetables
  • Day 3: fruit and vegetables, soup and salad

What to keep in mind when you start:

  1. Take it easy during the cure. Do what you feel like, but give your body and your mind extra rest. You only get about 500 kcal per day, so that is really little.
  2. Exercise is good, but not too intensive. Walking and cycling is best.
  3. Get enough sleep. Your body will probably indicate this. Most people sleep more than usual during the fast.
  4. Help your body with the cleaning. For example, wear a stomach and kidney warmer (haramaki). This cotton band helps to keep your body, especially your kidneys, warm. If you do the lemon juice detox in the winter, you will notice that it is more difficult for your body to keep itself warm. A hot water bottle can also be good.
  5. Do not use supplements, this will interfere with the detox.
  6. Are you on medication or do you have an illness? First inquire with the doctor if this detox is a good idea.
  7. Are you pregnant or breastfeeding? Are you or have you been seriously ill, under the age of 16 or do you have stomach and intestinal ulcers? Do you have TB or thyroid problems? Then this detox is not for you.