Go Bio? But that is logical!

Organic food is food as nature intended. You can taste and feel that. The flavors are more authentic and unique, because the soil in which something grows influences the taste. Not surprisingly, taste and quality are frequently mentioned reasons for choosing organic. But there's more..
6 July 2022

The benefits of organic food on your body?

Swedish research shows that you can measure the effects of organic food after just a few weeks. Apparently you excrete fewer chemicals if you eat completely organic than if you eat conventionally. Unfortunately, less is known about the long-term effects of organic food. However that doesn’t stop most of us from snacking organically, because this way fewer chemicals get into our bodies. And who doesn’t want that?

What is the effect of organic farming on our future?

We are not fortunetellers of course. But a lot of research is being done into the long-term effects of organic food. These studies are there to ensure that we do the best for people and nature. The effects of organic farming on the environment in particular are a controversial subject. Some say large tracts of land are required for organic cultivation. This has led to criticism of organic farming. But if done efficiently organic farming doesn’t need a lot of space and is actually creating  more bio diversity back!

Choosing positive is making the best choices you make in this regard for yourself. But it pays off for the climate if you replace a common product with a large ecological footprint for a product with a small ecological footprint.

The first step is easily made

You can eat sustainably in different ways, for example if you only eat the seasonal crops, or if you buy local products. What can you do besides eating to become more sustainable?

More and more we hear terms that sound nice and conscious, but what do they really mean? Organic is not always sustainable, but sustainable is usually organic. The Go Bio blogs answer this and more!

Stay tuned!

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