Everything you want to know about the Hokiyama knives 

Japanese knives are famously known for being the best in the world. Once you have held one in your hand, you are a fan for life. We are happy with our knife collection, but there is always room for improvement. We proudly introduce our new Japanese Hokiyama knives.
6 July 2021

Stainless steel (SUS405 and AUS8)

What makes them so special is their quality and origin. We have them made by a famous swordsman family in Japan. And it shows. The blades are razor-sharp, resistant to rust, corrosion and very easy to sharpen.

Do you want the juicy details? We can say this about the “ingredients” of the knives:

  • Three layers of two kinds of stainless steel: (SUS405 and AUS8)
  • Inner layer is molybdenum / vanadium stainless steel AUS8
  • Outer layers is softer stainless steel (SUS405)
  • Blade is rolled and press-cut
  • Cuff is made of poplar wood
  • Attachment of the blade is made of plastic (PP)
  • Improved: lighter and yet razor sharp

The nice thing about this new mix of materials is that the knives are lighter than when they are forged from one type of steel. Also nice: because of their lightness, they are easy to hold. With these knives you can easily cut away a whole cabbage!

Minimal maintenance

 You can clean the knife by rinsing it with water and then drying it well. Cutting lemons is fine, but make sure you rinse off all the leftovers. Acid can damage the knife. But chopping nuts, cutting cabbage and other (hard) vegetables works very well and quickly. Please note: the knives are not dishwasher safe.

When the cutting edge has become dull, sharpen the blade with a whetstone or ceramic knife sharpener. That’s it!

Want to see how you sharpen your knife? Check out the video: