Ramen? Choose from 3 gluten-free noodles

Ramen is a super popular Japanese noodle soup dish. A warming soup bursting with flavour. Usually you eat ramen with instant noodles. This often includes palm oil, tapioca starch and a sachet full of flavour enhancers. We thought we could do better, so we did. Here's our addition of ramen noodles, made from rice, buckwheat or shiitake.

What is special about TerraSana ramen noodles?

  • Pure recipe, not even salt added!
  • Without a bag of flavour enhancers, as you often get with instant noodles
  • Gluten free (oh yeah, you rarely find ramen like that!)
  • Organic
  • 3 variations

ramen noodles TerraSana in 3 soorten

Ramen as a dish

Ramen is actually the name for the whole dish. So the stock with the noodles. In Japan, they usually add toppings like pork slices and an egg. Also, they always add a piece of nori seaweed (eg. wakame) and spring onions. Toppings like furikake or gomasio complete the dish.

Would you rather skip the pork? We do this too! That’s why all of our ramen recipes are vegan. This proves that you don’t need meat at all to get a soup full of flavour and bite.

Ramen vs soba vs udon

What is the difference between the typical Japanese noodles ramen, soba and udon?

  Base Kind of noodle Use Cooking time
Ramen Rice / buckwheat Thin, sturdy In soup or wok 3 min.
Soba Buckwheat / wheat Thin, smooth With vegetables or dipping sauce 4-6 min.
Udon Wheat Thick, round With vegetables and sauce 10-11 min.

ramen vs soba vs udon - verschil Japanse noedels

How do you use gluten-free ramen noodles?

The cooking time

You cook ramen in 3 minutes. After a minute or two, gently pull them apart with a fork. Are you making a real Japanese ramen or miso broth? Then cook them for the last 3 minutes.

Do you prefer to prepare them like you do with instant noodles? Or do you only have a kettle at hand and no gas stove? Bring water to a boil, put in a saucepan with a lid and let the “cakes” soak for 8-10 minutes.

This way you can make super tasty ramen in 5 minutes

Yes, making your own ramen stock is super easy. You put all the ingredients in the blender and cook everything in 3 minutes. Click here to see how to make these super fast ramen.

gerecht ramen soep met noodles aken in 5 minuten

Where can I buy organic gluten free ramen?

You can buy our ramen in the (online) organic shop.