Eat yourself fitter with konjac noodles

Love spaghetti and noodle dishes, but are you on a gluten-free, low-carb, low-calorie, or keto diet? Meet our konjac noodles (konjac spaghetti and tagliatelle). With these you can make a plate full of pasta without many calories, carbs or fat. You've never eaten pasta like this.

Konjac’s nickname: miracle noodles

Miracle noodles! This is what konjac noodles are called. And that is with good reason. It looks like clear pasta, but you eat almost zero carbs and zero fat. You get full by the fibers in konjac, but the noodles hardly contain any calories. Wonderful right? Simultaneously you have all the pleasure of a plate full of food and all these benefits:

  • Hardly any calories (10 kcal per 100 grams)
  • Gluten free
  • Vegan
  • Source of fibers
  • Instantly ready in 0-2 minutes

How do they make konjac noodles?

Good question. Konjac is a plant that grows in East Asia. For the noodles we use the flour, which mainly consists of fibres. This absorbs a lot of water and then becomes a bit gel-like. Than you can make these miracle noodles. Konjac fills and satisfies hunger, even though it contains almost no calories. Ideal for losing weight.

Good taste, no fishy smell

The noodle is known for a fishy smell, but we selected our konjac spaghetti for its neutral taste.

Oriental or Mediterranean

Konjac noodles are originally eaten in very spicy Asian dishes. Because of this you usually come across konjac as a noodle. But you can cook much more delicious things with it. We made konjac spaghetti and tagliatelle. You can use it as the basis for a delicious pasta dish or a traditional noodle dish. You choose!

Recipes with konjac

Not sure what to do with konjac? Then check out these recipes with konjac.

Konjac tagliatelle with pesto Terrasana

How do you prepare konjac?

This is a lot simpler than pasta. All you have to do is drain the pasta and heat it together with a nice sauce. For people with little time: our konjac paste is ready to eat. So you don’t even need to warm up. Fine pasta!