Compostable packaging: where to put it?

We replace 103 products in plastic with compostable packaging. What does that mean to you? Where do you leave that compostable foil? How do you ensure that they end up in the correct waste stream?
6 July 2021

Seedling logo

What is the right waste bin to put our improved packaging in? You will find it on the seedling logo on our compostable foil. This logo tells you which waste bin it should be in.

Not in the organic waste bin or compost heap

It seems a bit contradictory, but compostable packaging is not allowed to be thrown in the green organic waste bin and also not on the compost heap. Here the foil does not degrade quickly enough. It can only be composted industrially. There, the foil is broken down under controlled conditions within a few weeks. Unfortunately, there is no waste flow that is really optimal for compostable foil. It is still fairly new for everyone. That’s why you’re putting the seedling logo packaging for now with the residual waste. Note: this foil may not be disposed of with plastic waste!

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