Spicy peanut sauce with tamari

Gluten free
With this peanut sauce you can complete any Asian meal. The coconut milk makes the sauce deliciously creamy, while the chili pepper and ginger syrup spice it up a little. A super tasty, balanced sauce!
Side dishSauce, dip and dressing1 serving10 minutes preparation

This is what you need

Chili pepper1/2
Garlic1 clove
Ginger1 cm
Coconut oil (deodorised)1 tsp
Ginger syrup1 tbspPeanut butter crunchy175 gTamari2 tbspCoconut milk 80%200 ml
Spring onion1
Oat drinkoptional


Ginger grater

This is how you make it

  1. Slice the shallot and chilli very finely. Press the garlic. Grate the ginger. Tip: you can also put everything in a small food processor at the same time, so that it becomes like coarse pulp.
  2. Put the coconut oil in a frying pan and sauté the shallot, garlic, ginger and chilli over medium heat for about 2 minutes. Reduce the heat and add the ginger syrup. Caramelise for a minute.
  3. Stir the peanut butter with the tamari and a few tablespoons of coconut milk. (Putting everything in the blender is even faster!) Add the peanut butter mixture to the pan with the fried vegetables and gradually add the coconut milk. Stir well with a whisk so that no lumps are formed.
  4. Do not let the sauce boil, but turn off the heat once the sauce is smooth and everything is warm.
  5. If the sauce is too thick, add some plant milk.
  6. Chop the spring onion and garnish the sauce with it.


  • Delicious with noodles (from soba) or nasi with seitan. Also delicious with gadogado (an Indonesian vegetable dish).