TerraSana = positive eating

Our goal is to let you enjoy pure, honest and organic food. We believe that plant-based eating is the future. That is why 97% of our range is vegan. Eat with us and do something good for yourself and the world around you every day!

Discover our wide range 

With more than 400 products (and counting) you will find everything you need in our wide range. From ancient grains to authentic Japanese and from protein-rich to worldly. Taste the riches of  a healthy world in your own kitchen. With organic and pure products that have been developed by and for us. We love our earth, and we also like to see its pure crops on our plates. We work with producers who are just like us. People who share our vision. An earth that blooms. A world in balance. Man in harmony with nature. With every step we take, this vision is at the source. 

The producer who thinks like a home chef

Not everyone who likes good and tasty food has time to spend hours in the kitchen. Honestly, we get that. That is why TerraSana offers dishes from world cuisines of high quality, which are simple and quick to prepare. We also have delicious recipes for all products that you can put on the table in no time. Some recipes we came up with ourselves and some were created by TerraSana’s culinary fans. We understand that every conscious eater has a different diet. So whether you are a sporty vegan or have young kids at home: we got you! 

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We go for 100%. You?

Cooking and baking with 100% (pea)nut butter.